10 changes for Stade Montois against Montauban

Compared to the success against Oyonnax (26-15), ten new players will start the game: the prop Innocente and the centers Mensa and Desaubies – holders for the first time this season -, Macharashvili (prop), Labouyrie (hooker), Ostrikov (2nd line), Banos and Tauleigne (3rd line), Doan (scrum) and Sayerse (winger).

Only Fortuin, Lisena, Du Plessis, Curtis, who slipped on the wing, and De Nardi, who fell back, were renewed.

To also involve as many players as possible in the last match of this block, the yellow and black staff will incorporate for the first time this season the pillar Dino Casadeï, the scrum half James Hart and the center or winger Misaele Petero. Opener Joris Pialot is making his return to the group of 23 Montois.

While Loustalot (ribs) and Naituvi (thigh) are out for this match in Montauban, the yellow and black technicians have also decided to blow off several elements that have been used extensively since the start of the season, such as Even, Laousse-Azpiazu (two of the five players with the most playing time), Cedaro, Faleafa or Bultel.

It should be noted that the Landais will not find in front of them the former Montois (2018-2021) Maselino Paulino, who was found responsible for “brutality” and more particularly for “pushing or hitting with the hand or the arm” against Agen, during the 3rd day of Pro D2. He is therefore suspended for 9 weeks by the Disciplinary Committee of the National Rugby League.

The Stade Montois team

De Nardi – Curtis, Desaubies, Mensa, Sayerse – (o) Du Plessis (cap.), (m) Doan – Banos, Tauleigne, Lisena – Ostrikov, Fortuin – Macarashvili, Labouyrie, Innocente.

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