20th Bellechasse-Etchemins Chamber of Commerce Golf Tournament.

ACTIVITY. Nearly 140 golfers took part in the 20th Annual Golf Tournament of the Bellechasse-Etchemins Chamber of Commerce (CCBE) on Wednesday, May 25 at the Saint-Michel golf club.

The return in face-to-face form and the ideal temperature maintained the success and atmosphere of the activity, to the delight of the business people gathered for the occasion.

Presented under the honorary presidency of the general manager of the IPL plant in Saint-Damien, Marie-Anne Côté, the event also provided record support from the partners of the event, the director General of the CCBE, Jean Deblois.

“We had great success last year with record sponsorship support. This year, we suspected that with the return to face-to-face, we would also have a good year and it was even more. With the ideal temperature we had, we could hardly ask for better. »

Being presented face-to-face, the event allows the return of a networking component for business people. A survey will be carried out over the next few weeks to see if the chosen formula was popular or if the participants would keep seeing this component presented in another form.

The tournament will be back next year, this time at the Lac-Etchemin golf club. Ah yes, the tournament was won by the quartet delegated by the Club de golf Bellechasse de Saint-Damien with a record of -11.

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