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GX Gloves are one of those brands you see scrolling through Instagram, with one big promise: the best product available at an unbeatable price. Is it true ? Well, I dared to order, 6 months ago and received them quickly. Is it good enough or should I trust bigger brands like Footjoy or Titleist? What are they really worth?

As a golfer, you must spend hours scrolling through your Instagram feed and following all the accounts that are closely or remotely related to golf. And most of the time, an advertising post offers you a miracle golf product. Most of the time it’s to correct his slice. Right after watching the video or skimming the text, you click and buy.
I’m no different from you and that’s what happened.

Before making the purchase, I followed the brand for a while on Instagram. History of the “monitor” as a responsible consumer. Certainly, I didn’t want to be dragged into a Major-Ace disaster. By the way, Major Ace delivered maybe 20% of the gloves. Or just a brand that was created overnight, because a factory in Asia is able to offer cheap leather gloves. Small parenthesis here, this is what happens with the balls and now the gloves. Take a closer look at brands like Red Rooster (endorsed by MyGolfSpy), Ace Golf Gloves (Australia) or the stillborn Major Ace.

All these brands have the same supplier and only have to build a brand identity and their marketing to sell more or less the same product. The difference will be felt in the level of collaboration with the factory and of course the volume of orders, the cost price, the operating margin….in short, you know the story.

However, a few months later, the day after Christmas arrives (boxing day), and I receive an email from Michaël, telling me that for today only, if you buy a pack of 3 gloves, you receive 1 free glove. Well, even though it’s being shipped from the UK, and so I’m taking a customs risk, I figure £25 thrown out the window over the North Sea couldn’t hurt. Besides, I have something to tell you. I have ordered.

After a few days, I received the package with 4 gloves.

It’s cabretta leather

This is the first statement you can read. But when you got it, it sent, it looks and feels like cabretta leather.

Also the logo is simple. As mentioned above, they have to call on a factory in Asia to make their glove. Only the logo and marketing change. The cut and seams make it look like many other gloves from as-yet-unknown brands.

And it fits me like a glove…. no kidding !

When choosing the size, I relied completely on their fitting tool available on their website while specifying the length of my hand. I took size M/L. Same size as a Titleist glove I bought a few months ago and a Footjoy rain glove bought in Germany (only used it once).

When I first tried the glove on, I was amazed at the premium feel and quality. It looks good and it feels good. After all, it’s almost half the price of the same quality gloves I’ve purchased in the past.

Customer service is exquisite

When ordering from a young brand, you should quickly assess their level of customer service before hitting the buy button. I did it. I wrote an email asking if there would be any additional taxes since the package came from the UK. The response I received within hours was clear. No, because when you order a pack of 3 gloves, it goes through a simple mail and not a package.

What they announced was true. No additional taxes for my package. A very good point for the GX gloves which stand out for their desire to create recurring customers.

It’s not very expensive

At 32€ the 3 cabretta gloves, it’s a bargain. I tried to find a leather glove for 10 euros and I’m still looking. Even the Tour d’Inesis glove at 16.99€. If you find something, please add it in the comment.

There is always a promotion

The guys at GX Gloves are here to sell. Every time of the year is a good bidding time for a promotion. As I said earlier, I had my extra glove due to Boxing Day. But just subscribe to the newsletter and watch your inbox. You will receive a code to get a free glove or a bigger offer or even a promotional code. And if there is a shortage of stock, they will inform you of restocking or new models.

Final point ? Buy them.

I must say that it is rare to find a good golf brand online. Most of the time, you will encounter difficulties with payment, or delivery or the quality of the product. I’m sure any of you could tell me a story about it (please do so in the comments). But there, through my various exchanges with the brand, the delivery of the product and the quality of the product, I am running out of arguments to give you so that you buy.





The GX gloves are everything from a big brand for a lesser budget. An economy that we savor every time we wear it.

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