6 NATIONS TOURNAMENT. Should we fear Capuozzo and Italy, the next opponent of the Blues?

What resulted from this autumn tour? Not for the XV of France, whose winning streak we have all seen extended in recent weeks, but rather for Italy, who will be their next opponent, at the opening of the 2023 Tournament. Start with the Squadra; this is something the Habs are starting to get used to, after having beaten them straight away in 2021 (10 to 50) and 2022 (37 to 10). But something tells us that the 2023 meeting will have nothing to do with the previous ones. Why ? Because the Squadra Azzurra showed things that we had perhaps never seen them achieve, from observer’s memory. In terms of results, yes, but regarding the quality of the game, no. There, the victories against Wales and Australia this year have given some form of confidence to the transalpine team.

VIDEO. Il Fenomeno Angel Capuozzo crucifies Australia and sends Italy to 7th heaven

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