a Belgian minister appears in the stands with the armband “One Love” next to Infantino

Belgian Foreign Minister Hadja Lahbib attended the Red Devils’ victory over Canada (1-0) at the 2022 World Cup this Wednesday. She appeared in front of Gianni Infantino with the inclusive armband “One To like”.

This is a new strong gesture against Fifa. Presented in the stands this Wednesday for the entry into the running of the Red Devils at the World Cup, against Canada (1-0), the Belgian Minister of Foreign Affairs Hadja Lahbib did not really come into view. She showed up in the stands at Ahmad bin Ali Stadium with an inclusive “One Love” armband and exchanged a few words with International Federation boss Gianni Infantino.

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“We do not sit on human rights”

“We’ll see if I give him a yellow or a red card. Human rights are not political, they are universal. Football is a popular sport that carries values ​​of diversity and solidarity. Qatar is an important partner. But we don’t sit on human rights”, she explained to the Belgian media, including Le Soir, before the meeting. “It will be about defending human rights, LGBT, defending minorities, talking about women’s rights,” she added.

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Hadja Lahbib is a very committed political personality. In early October, she cut a lock of hair during a session in the Chamber of Deputies in support of Iranian women, denouncing the “intolerable” repression by the Tehran regime of the demonstrations.

A little earlier this Wednesday, the German Minister of the Interior, in charge of Sports, Nancy Faeser, also donned the armband “One Love” which the organizers do not want, during the meeting between Germany and Japan ( 1-2). Thomas Müller’s teammates put their hands over their mouths in the team photo before kick-off, to protest against the threats of sanctions brandished by Fifa to prevent the wearing of the “One Love” armband.

The body of world football has threatened, according to several federations, with “sporting sanctions” the captains who wear this armband. Faced with these threats, England, Wales, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland have waived their respective captains encouraging a yellow card because of this inclusive armband, while saying they are “frustrated” by the inflexibility of Fifa.

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