A football legend lets go and talks about his “small penis”, his players in shock!

There are speeches that have marked history, but not sure that the one delivered by a football legend to his players remains etched in their memories. At least not for the right reasons! English football has had many top talent across the ages, but the 2000s probably gave the Brits some of their most iconic players. How not to mention the famous David Beckham, who goes down in history as the first football star to export himself outside of his sport, becoming a muse for several luxury brands in particular.

We can also mention the names of John Terry or Steven Gerrard, but the one who will certainly have caught the most attention is Wayne Rooney. The Liverpool-born striker finally enjoyed his best years at the Manchester United side. Under the orders of Sir Alex Ferguson and alongside Cristiano Ronaldo, he wrote some of the finest pages in the history of the English club. Now 37, he retired last year and has since become the head coach of DC United, the US capital club in Washington. A role he takes to heart and when the results are not at the level of his expectations, the husband of Coleen Rooney sometimes tries very particular approaches to try to motivate his troops.

The majority of his players were just baffled and struggled to understand what his sex life and the size of his penis had to do with what was happening on the pitch.

As reported by the English tabloid The sun, Wayne Rooney wanted to wake up his players after a series of disappointing games for the team by telling them about his anatomy! According to their information, the latter would have indicated to his players that having a “small penis” had never prevented him from succeeding in life. A particularly unexpected revelation that would have left his players speechless. “It was really funny and he hoped that using personal stories would show that his speech is from the heart, but the majority of his players were just baffled and struggling to understand what his sex life and the size of his sex had to do with what was happening on the pitch”a source told Sun.

A funny strategy from Wayne Rooney, who will obviously have to think of something else for his next speech!

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