A good year for tennis

On the financial side, subsidies from the community of municipalities, the Department (for the tennis school) and the town hall, as well as memberships have allowed a profit of 2000 euros, knowing that the balance sheet of the school alone is in deficit of almost 1,700 euros. An increase of 2 euros in memberships for the new season (in line with the licenses) has been decided, i.e. 82 euros for an adult and 62 euros for a child, plus lessons at 30 euros per year.

Financial appeals

The office is preparing a file to present to the town hall to obtain a larger grant for the tennis school. Two new billboards have been installed. One is already sponsored, a call is made for the second and for more general support.

Maintenance work on two courtyards is to be carried out by the end of October, a call for volunteer members has been launched to remove moss and replace a broken window in the clubhouse.

In conclusion, for those in charge, it is necessary to develop partnerships, sponsorship and assistance from communities, increase the number of members, and thus have greater participation in tournaments and events.

No change in the constitution of the office. The renewed president, Damien Leygues, obtained the JAT1, he is a referee. Around him, Pascale Chamaret is treasurer, Penny Hayes is secretary and Patricia Fauquesolle, assistant secretary.

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