A hot and successful recovery against Istres

The smiles of recovery. The sweat from the ambient heat. Yes, it was hot in the Sports Palace full of a thousand people including several Blue Fox came to encourage the MHB. For this first summer preparation meeting, Montpellier did not wait long to shine around their starting seven: Desbonnet, Pellas, Simonet, Yannis Lenne, Porte, Moscariello and Skube. The latter takes care of the offensive sector and exchanges places with Nacinovic for the defense. Four players are missing due to injury or illness: Konan, Panic, Wallinius and Arthur Lenne. This Thursday evening, we saw a serious and committed training. The Argentinians Simonet and Moscariello make the Provençal Tango dance and Montpellier leads quickly (10-2, 12th).

For the show, you have to turn to Stas Skube, the master at playing in the offensive phases. The Slovenian center half, barely landed, quickly adapted on the floor by showing himself as a leader with diabolical support and a magic pass. On the other side of the floor, Desbonnet makes five saves in seven minutes and above all enjoys, already, his millimeter passes and oh so effective in the (ultra) fast balls. The Agathois were also able to see players happy to be in a match, like this mischievous little smile from Skube slipped to Descat just before a seven-meter throw obtained by the first (15th). Apart from a small highlight after the first quarter of the game (0-4) and at the start of the second period which saw the Istreans return (16-14, 33rd), the MHB emerged from this first preparation opposition with a large result and a lot of sweating: 31-21.

Congratulations to Agde Handball for the organization of this great meeting as well as their rise to National 3 for the 50th anniversary of the club.

Guardians : Bolzinger, Bonnefoi (30 minutes, 9 stops dt 1/1 pen.), Desbonnet (30 mn, 9 stops dt 0/2 pen.). Champion players: Simonet (4/9), Villeminot (1/4), Descat (6/9 dt 3/4 pen.), Pellas (4/5), Tskhovrebadze (0/2, Bos (2/4), Skube (3 /4), Moscariello (1/2), Dubois, Porte (2/2), Y.Lenne (4/5), Nacinovic (4/4).

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