A new Youth Board of Directors at the Landivisiau Tennis Club – Landivisiau

The two Co-presidents of the Club, Cécile Wojnecki and Marie Gloanec, invited the Young people of the tennis school club (75 young members) and, in particular, the teenagers to reflect on their place within the club. Jean Gloanec, Johan Pineau, Luca Pecararo and François Kervella responded positively to this request and have already proposed the constitution of a young Board of Directors.

Their objective is, initially, to flesh out this advice and to be a source of proposals: they have already changed the layout of the furniture in the clubhouse to create a board game area. Their reflection will relate, in particular, to the animations to be set up during the year and during the school holidays, the development of the competition, the discovery of the arbitration. Jean and François have already volunteered to follow the training at the Departmental Committee.

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