A page is turned at the Ille XIII rugby school

After 12 years of presidency, Bernard and Christelle hand Llong over to Alain Soula and Agnés Galli.

Emotion sequence at the start of the Ille XIII rugby school, with this handover between Christelle and Bernard Llong and Agnès Galli and Alain Soula. Christelle is always there to advise. “It makes me happy because I see that there are people. But I had no doubts about it. I knew that bringing in new blood would bring momentum. They will have new projects and the desire to do well. We received to come when they need us”.

The new president Alain Soula is a man in the field, an educator and also a coach at XV on the side of Gémenos (Bouches-du-Rhône).

He finds himself there in an unusual role. “ Organizing is new to me. It’s work, but I am well supervised with Mathieu Calmon, Jean-Jacques Dimon, Agnès Galli, Jacques Calmon and all the educators. My big concern was administration, relations with the committee. I’m going old. Our goal will be to do as well as Christelle and Bernard did, who got results. It goes through training, coaching, extra sports. There is a big challenge to take up with the creation of a team of minimal. We will be in agreement with Estagel, as for the youngest, it is an agreement made with the Estagel president Jean-Luc Fadovic. We can count on the Aglyan supervisors Fabrice Thomas, Élie Médinilla, Cédric Colomine and Pierre-Marie Bernier.”.

The workforce of the rugby school will be more than 90 licensees from the U5 to U15 categories. “There is a dynamism. Something is happening. We want to involve everyone”, point out Mathieu Calmon and Jean-Jacques Dimon.

Among the ten educators is Sébastien Maso, who went through rugby union and USAP women. “What I like is training and when Alain asked me to coach the U11s, I didn’t hesitate. What I like is working on the basics, individual technique. It’s a special category with a lot of newcomers. I was well received, I wasn’t going into the unknown”.

A page turns after the 12 years of presidency of Bernard and Christelle Llong, but Alain Soula is determined to continue: “I’m passionate. I had no trouble picking up the torch when Bernard told me he wanted to quit.”

Training takes place every Wednesday from 6 p.m. The minims have an extra practice on Friday at 6 p.m.

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