a pivotal year for Jules Dussutour with UBB

Being promoted to vice-captain alongside Corentin Cularis made him take on a new dimension. He knows he has the full confidence of his coaches Frédéric Garcia and Richard Darrambide: “It feels good. I am rather reserved by nature and I do not give my confidence easily. I was very surprised to become vice-captain! It forces me to get out of my comfort zone and take it upon myself. It is necessary to progress. »

Key leader

Federating a group and keeping a cool head during a match are now part of his strengths. The leader of the touch is a formidable defender and a tireless fighter. “My trainer at Castillon, Arnaud Gazeau, was the first to trust me. I have now caught up some of my delay but I was not the tallest nor the most muscular. So I compensated by always giving 100% in the fight! »

If he came to rugby to follow his big brother and have fun with his friends, Jules Dussutour, a second-year sports management student, is giving his all to incorporate a professional workforce. He knows he still has a long way to go. “I love working on the key: sheathing, jumping, squatting, relaxing, small steps… It’s a real choreography. It’s going to look weird in a combat sport, but I think it’s almost pretty to look at. »

He knows that he still needs to develop physically and make his movements more fluid. Although holder of the hopes, his room for improvement is still important. Which is not to displease this serious boy. “You have to earn your place in the professional world. Our coaches are there to tell us. Even if this rugby seems more individualistic than the one I experienced at Castillon with my friends Nathan Thibeau or Mathis Domens, I know that my personal progress will go through good performances with my team. We must finish in first place in our group and pass the course of the semi-finals! The young man knows where he comes from and never misses an opportunity to come back to see his parents or help his brother in his brewery.

The game

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