A player attacked by a pie in the middle of a match

A bird came to disrupt a rugby match in Australia. The scene unfolded last weekend as the Forbes Magpies and the Maitland Pickers faced off in the President Cup. A rugby league competition within the NSW League. A magpie came onto the field and attacked one of the players several times, spotted Le Figaro.

The number 2 of the Forbes Magpies had a hard time concentrating on the oval ball and on the part that was being played on the field. The magpie slammed into his face and even pecked him.

The team had the pies as an emblem

In a video, we see the sportsman bend down to avoid the bird while trying to follow the match or protect his head with his hands. Ironically, his team’s name means “pies” in English.

If he defended himself well against the pie, the player still suffered a great defeat. His side lost the game 52-6. The video was shared on social media by the NSW League.

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