A prosperous season for Geneva volleyball

Geneva volleyball is coming off a fast season with numerous Swiss championship titles. The point with Sébastien Ruffieux, president of Swiss Volley Region Geneva.

The president of the cantonal volleyball association is delighted with the season won and thanks the craftsman of this success: hard work. He mentions several years of hard work, especially at the clubs, and hopes this momentum will continue.

“It’s the fruit of hard work, especially in the clubs.”

Geneva, the next capital of Swiss volleyball?

“Geneva and Romand volleyball is starting to break through,” notes Sébastien Ruffieux, remaining realistic. He mentions the desire of the national Swiss volleyball federation to see a Geneva cantonal association of professional volleyball. Next, Geneva soon to be number one in national volleyball? “why not”, answers the interested party who allows himself to dream.

The Geneva pool of volleyball players continues to grow. To the point where the clubs are obliged to refuse practitioners for lack of infrastructure and means.

“Clubs must refuse young people who want to play volleyball”

Sébastien Ruffieux announces that a meeting between Swiss Volley Region Geneva and the three major clubs of the canton is planned with a view to pooling forces in the near future. Synergies are theoretically achievable. However, several problems appear when one evokes the idea, that of the infrastructures in particular.


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