A sharp increase in participation in the tennis tournament

Agreement between the clubs

Over the fortnight, Lionel Coat, referee and monitor, scheduled more than one hundred and fifty matches. Thanked the sponsors, the technical services of the town hall and the volunteers who made this success possible. They were pleased with the excellent relations maintained with the neighboring clubs, the Tennis Club of Marmande and Beyssac-Virazeil, both in terms of the number of registered players in the tournament and the loans of land to facilitate its holding. Leaders and elected officials then presented the awards to the winners and finalists.

On the PSB player side, note the good performances of Nicolas Delpont and Nicolas Dubos, respectively finalists in over 35 and over 45, or Cédric Pradeaux, winner of the men’s doubles associated with Grégory Rousset (Tennis Club de Beyssac) against two other Bazeillais, Miroslav Bonchev and Justin Gaugeac. We will also remember the career of Leelou Perrochon, semi-finalist in women’s singles. Among the young people, in the first week, Léo Jadas, Matilin Goualch, Clément Dumont for the boys and Lily-Rose Peyraud and Ambre Dupuy-Eon for the girls, had distinguished themselves.

The 2022 winners:

Women’s singles: Séverine Bacalerie (TC Beyssac)

Single gentlemen: Axel Dagens (TC Auros)

+ 35: Thibault Mounaris (TC La Réole)

+ 45: Jérôme Torterat (TC Marmande)

Comforter: Tristan Marti (TC Marmande)

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