a successful bet?

A few weeks after the creation of LIV Golf, it seems obvious to say that it has largely hit the headlines of world golf, without entering for the moment into the debate of the positive or negative externalities degraded by the creation of this new competition. One aspect seems clear and clear: the arrival of the Saudis in a sport as polished as golf seems to be quite paradoxically crowned with sporting success as rapid as it is divisive.

Zoom on the latest developments of the new world golf league, the consequences on the PGA Tour and the course for the following events for the whole plateau of the little white ball.

LIV Golf, what sporting success?

Born from an observation made by many professional golf players in recent years, that of too many tournaments and too high a pace to reconcile both professional sport, business life and family life. , LIV Golf has offered the great opportunity to many star golf players to be able to continue to compete in their favorite sport in a shorter time while earning more than the prize money posted by the PGA Tour previously.

On the sporting level, it must be admitted that the arrival of LIV Golf is a real success for the Saudis who have managed to attract Dustin Johnson in particular but also many star players like Sergio Garcia, Phil Mickelson or Bryson DeChambeau.

The line-up displayed at each event of the new competition makes golf lovers salivate even if this enthusiasm is reduced by the fact that the traditions of golf are often denied and that this creation has shaken up the historic world order of competitions. It must nevertheless be admitted that the success of the Saudis is total on the sporting level by having many renowned players who allow them both to fill their stands but also, because of the number of players present, to “force” the spectators to follow these new events to continue to see their champions on the golf courses.

A long-term commitment

Symbolized by the recent arrivals of many renowned American golf journalists and in particular Arlo White. LIV Golf is part of the long-term landscape of world golf competitions. Saudi Arabia and the decision-making teams of LIV Golf have done everything to make their competition interesting for all and to widen the audience of golf on American territory. By having had the idea of ​​creating teams of players, she reinforces the collective aspect of an extremely individual sport. Some will continue to say that the game is distorted in the competition, but on the economic level as much as on the attraction of the competition, we must admit that the bet is successful, if we ignore the traditions of this sport if historical.

Nevertheless, there is a shadow in the picture of this rather very positive assessment of the arrival of LIV Golf in the landscape of world golf. The break with tradition is consummated and many viewers have chosen not to turn to LIV Golf and continue to join the PGA Tour. The question is therefore LIV Golf’s ability to convince this audience to join the people who have decided to follow both the circuit and this new competition, thus granting a two-speed circuit between a LIV Golf competition, oriented towards a business very nourished by star players and smaller sporting ambitions which would cohabit with PGA Tour always above in terms of level of play and making room for younger players, in connection with the traditions of modern golf.

All that remains are the major tournaments and in particular the Augusta Master, well known to golf followers and non-followers who could then make the two leagues coincide only a few times during the season. One thing is certain, there are two losers from the arrival of LIV Golf in world golf, the PGA Tour in the first place but also the traditions which may be denied with the arrival of this new competition which is shaking up brutal manner of the customs of an ancestral sport.

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