a united group around a mission to accomplish

Since the beginning of it, even since the defeat in the accession match against neighboring Biarrot last June, Rowing has been “on a mission”. A reconquest mission. A Top 14 mission. “So far, we have respected our commitment. There remains the last step which is often the most difficult; I am well aware of it, summed up the manager after the victory on Sunday evening. But I want to congratulate the whole group: the 23 who played, those who allow us to work in a qualitative way all week. All responded present. »

A tight-knit group

This notion of group has taken on its full meaning against the players of Ain. Before the match, with the last minute packages of captain Mariano Galarza and center Isaia Toeava, replaced in the starting XV by Denis Marchois and Yann David, while Afa Amosa and Yan Lestrade took their place on the bench. During the match, with a resounding entry from the substitutes, the third row Amosa and Monribot in the lead. After the match, through a communion in the center of the field.

“The desire to respect the contract and the total commitment to a promise that we had made have always been there”

We then saw Yannick Bru congratulate his players one by one, at the cost of a frank hug and a slice of papaya smile. We saw the long-time injured Peio Muscarditz, in a white shirt, fall into the arms of a deprived Mariano Galarza on the wire of this semi-final. We heard the famous “Pusa” led by Mathis Perchaud and Arthur Duhau. A rally cry borrowed from hopefuls, symbol of a united group, which goes well beyond the circle of professionals.

“Never betrayed the jersey”

The Bayonnais have not always seduced this season. Far from it. “It was not easy, aware that at certain times, we did not meet the expectations placed on us”, admitted Yannick Bru. But we cannot take away from them this strength of character which allows them to overcome all obstacles. To qualify directly in the semi before applying their ticket for the final.

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