After the controversies, the Mont-Saint-Aignan golf course reveals its water consumption

The Mont-Saint-Aignan golf course wants to fight against received ideas. (©Golf de Mon-Saint-Aignan)

On the green, Jean-Marc Deverre, the president of the golf Mont-Saint-Aignan (Seine Maritime) don’t want to polemics. This passionate golfer wants to be transparent. “I am very committed to fighting against received ideas about golf. I know that we are very often responsible for the image that we send back but precisely, it is up to us to reestablish that today’s golf is not that of yesterday, “he argues. .

“We only watered the green”

In his cart, he shows us around the magnificent 60-hectare natural park, still a little brown with summer drought 2022. “We only watered the green, that mowed part right next to the hole made of dirt and sand. This represents 1 to 2% of our total surface, assures the president. It’s a very worked part that we can’t leave without water for more than two days, otherwise it’ll burn out and we’ll be closed for six months… But we didn’t water the fairway, the space before the green on which we play which has become completely brown. »

Which is not to the liking of some members. “Members have pointed this out to me, but we’ll have to get used to global warming, we won’t be able to have an all-green golf course all year round, that’s how it is and that won’t prevent us from to play. »

Between 12 and 13,000m3 of water per year

The Mont-Saint-Aignan golf course has invested in a new digital irrigation system. “Our 300 sprinklers are autonomous and are controlled via a smartphone application and water the precise volume of water needed for the green. Thanks to this new system, we have saved 20 to 25% of our water consumption. »

A watering uses between 80 and 120 m3 of water. “We have an annual water consumption of between 12 and 13,000 m3. We are lucky to be in Normandy. By September 2023, Jean-Marc Deverre would like golf to be self-sufficient in water. A water reserve project is underway to recover roof and rainwater. “We would also like to recover the runoff water from the ring road, located just above, but we need agreements with the municipality, the Metropolis and the State. If we manage to recover this water, we will be totally autonomous. »

Jean-Marc Deverre, president of the Mont-Saint-Aignan golf club, wants to put a water supply at this point on the course.
Jean-Marc Deverre, the president of the Mont-Saint-Aignan golf club, wants to set up a water reserve at this point on the course. (©ML/76news)

Sheep as lawnmowers

At the same time, the club received the Golf and Biodiversity label. “We brought in experts to identify all the fauna and flora on our land. From this very substantial document, we have created a digital course in golf. And then, we aim to bring sheep to all neglected areas to save mowing. We encountered a problem with the first breeder we were in contact with but we have a new partnership which should succeed very soon. »

With all these actions, the president of the Mont-Saint-Aignan golf club hopes to restore the image of his favorite sport. “I would also like to say that golf is not – or is no longer – a sport for the rich. For a course, four to five hours of play, it’s about forty euros for people outside the club. The golf school for young people is 18 euros per month, it’s no more expensive than any other sport. So convinced? Ready to put “an extraordinary drive”?

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