Alain Pitticco turns the 45-year-long rugby page

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After a long rugby career as a player and then as a coach, notably at US Nérac, Alain Pitticco has decided to hang up his boots.

He decided to turn a page, thus referring a huge chapter devoted to his passion for rugby. At the end of last season, Alain Pitticco hung up his cleats for good. “I’m quitting”, explains the Néracais, “it’s a decision that has been carefully considered for a year”.

He had informed the leaders of the Confluent at the beginning of the previous year. Arrived the last match, the fifties formalized his decision. A sacred monster of the oval who put on the blinker “to make room for young people”. A 45-year-long page dedicated to rugby is coming to an end.

The desire to do something else, the impression of having reached the end of the thing, a little weariness too. “There is a bit of everything”, we explained a few weeks ago, this gentleman who has brought so much to rugby. The Covid-19 parenthesis also did not help matters. “I spent confinement at home with the children and the grandchildren”, he says, “when I have them at home and you have to go to rugby, it’s very hard”.

A long coaching career

More than four decades of oval stories with its share of emotions, victories and hard knocks. “I had had enough”, reveals the one who had “started in Agen in 1977”. Then, in 1988, he joined the Union Sportive Néracaise until 2002.

He also takes pleasure in transmitting his know-how. He made his first ranges with the “yellow and black” cadets. Then, he continues with the reserve “to continue to forge” this role of coach. “It came a bit by chance. I always liked it but I executed a bit by chance. Someone was needed to train the young people,” he continues.

Alain Pitticco then changes club. “I continued in Albret, but in Mézin, then a season in Lavardac”, he says, “it was linked. You take a liking to it and you continue with pleasure”.

He then returned to the USN to lead the pennant team with Olivier Campan. A duo that will make the “yellow and black” shine. This coaching job has brought him a lot of things “especially in terms of human relations”. “You have to know everything to ease the worries. You take care of those who have worries. I sincerely think that this role is 60% for human relations and 40% for rugby”, indicates. he, “if you want a team to run well, everything has to go well. The pleasure is there”.

After his time at Nérac, Alain gave up his coaching career at Port-Sainte-Marie, then at Queyran. He granted himself a short break of a season before going to write his last moments as a coach at Confluent. “You live unique moments, strong moments. I will always remember the 19 kids with whom won the Périgord-Agenais championship title”, he recalls. All titles or climbs have a particular “and different” flavor. “These are not the same joys. With Nérac, we were programmed for that. The climbs with Mézin and Le Port are a little different. Each time, we start from afar and we arrive at extraordinary moments”. This coaching job also reserves “more painful moments”. “Like when you get squirted in the quarter-finals of a French championship”, places the fifty-year-old.

Last season, Alain Pitticco took advantage of every second. “I was lucky to be with Philippe Resigned. I almost only took advantage of the good times. I knew it was the last, I didn’t take my head”, advances the newly retired lawns. From now on, Alain will live his passion “differently”. “I’m going to go see matches on the right or on the left”, he smiles, “and above all enjoy the family even more”.

It also allows you to always exchange rugby with all those who cross your path in Nérac. And always with the same passion.

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