Alban. Optimism and solidarity during the rugby assembly

A large audience took part in the general assembly of USCA rugby. Still under the vibrations of a smooth end to the season where the accession to Federal 2 only failed by a few points, the management team in all humility spoke of the past and anchored itself in the future.

After only 3 games in Federal 3 the season was uncertain at the start, glorious at the end. “The team has found its cruising speed with match sheets where out of 22 names, 17 were from the rugby school. We can be proud of the club which remains a united block and a stable pyramid”, noted Marie- Cécile, congratulated for the quality of her unanimously adopted reports.

The rugby school is carrying out revitalization work with the schoolchildren, which coach François Giovaninni is counting on: “I am pleased to see many of you, I am a local boy and our young people are doing well in this territory”, he will say with his fascinating smile before recalling that the small gallops of scrubbing will begin in order to prepare to receive Saverdun on September 18th then the following week the friends of Sor-Agout. The presentation of the financial statement, exceptional this year, presented by Sylvie Combes has improved, strengthened by the qualifying phases. The extra work required in terms of logistics was combined by former members who were spontaneously ready to get involved.

This is confirmed by President Mauriès, recalling that we must remain humble in this spirit rooted in rurality where solidarity is not an empty word.

The elections gave Bernard Mauriès president, Alain Imbert co-president, the latter having made the heyday of Valence Olympique, Sylvie Combes treasurer and the essential Marie-Cécile at the secretariat, helped by Roland Mercadier.

Saint-André: meetings on canvas on August 6 and 7

The “Rencontres sur toiles” 2022 exhibition, whose guest of honor is Casimir Ferrer, stretches over two days, August 6 and 7, and brings together a host of creators who live with the little wick of inspiration lit.

Thus we will find Barascud Sabrina, Bonafous Monique, Bourdoncle Claire, Deloncle Véronique, Gasc Gaétan, Lacourt Sébastien, Naeger Kristopher, Paulin Francis, Paulin Solange, Paulin Yvette, Reis Abel, Rolland Mireille, Souraia Abdallah, Trézières Éliane. The opening will take place on August 6 at 6 p.m. in the presence of the artists.

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