ALL BLACK. Beauden Barrett ‘feared the worst’ as he crashed into mid-air

It was a shock that silenced the world of rugby last weekend. At the end of the game during New Zealand vs South Africa, Beauden Barrett was mown in the air by Kurt-Lee Arendse, well behind on his rise and who came to hit the All Black opener without even challenging the ball. Result, a complete U-turn in the air for the best player in the world 2016 and 2017, which fell violently on the head. “It was a big collision and I immediately thought the worst“explains Beaudy on the AB’s Youtube channel.”Especially when I was on the ground and someone – I can’t remember who – told me not to move.” (…) It was like that until the doctor arrived and I asked if I pushed my fingers and toes. I was only relieved when I passed these tests.

VIDEO. Arendse freaks out and sees red as she catapults Beauden Barrett to the head

The main interested party recognizes that it is part of the game and that getting on the ball is ultimately a matter of courage. According to him, those who struggle with the ball often do not arrive with bad intentions but do not control their rise. Despite everything, the one who has suffered many concussions in recent seasons also admits that “the minute following the shock was very distressing because you think the worst. It’s scary when you find yourself on the ground, after falling on your head and shoulders.

RUGBY.  Big concern for Beauden Barrett after yet another concussionRUGBY. Big concern for Beauden Barrett after yet another concussion

According to him, however, the aerial strategy of the South Africans will not change this weekend, as they will continue to fight as fiercely and put as much pressure as possible on their opponents. At Ellis Park, a solution will therefore lie in the ability of the “escorters” of the Blacks to block the trajectories of the South African wingers. “Always by the rules“, them, specifies Barrett.

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