almost the scent of a derby for Gujan-Mestras

They have the firm intention of hanging the Barbots on their hunting board. The Gujanais winners of Barbeziaux-Jonzac and defeated at the last minute during their trip to Bergerac expect a benchmark match on their lawn of Louis Bézian, in front of their public.

Both formations have a reputation for being very relaxed, playing fast, highlighting the speed of their back lines to conclude the actions of the forwards. It is on the “big” side that the players of the Basin will have to be strong to conquer the ball and extract the ammunition which will allow the cavalry to be launched wide.

To take a step

“We are going to receive, in all humility, a team broken in the federal 1. We know that it is one of the favorite teams of the hen. Mauléon is solid! We know what to expect, ”confided President Gujanais, Charles Couradjut, at the start of the week. This meeting will obviously serve as a test to allow his troops to situate themselves after two meetings between newly promoted.

For the arrival of the first, the public is expected in large numbers at the stadium to support and carry their favorite team. It will not be a derby, but just like for the supporters who should attend a pleasant match between two dynamic and playful teams. “We know where to improve, what we need to work on. For us, it will be a very interesting match in all areas,” continues the president.

This week, Benoît Rieger and Jérôme Scheibel prepared their men for this meeting not quite like the others.

The game

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