Amateur Internationals confirm their potential!

Oihan Guillamoundeguy grabs 12th place…

The four players who are members of the France group at the World Championships played a few days ago on this same Albatross course will be present for the rest of their first French Open.

Nathan CARDET, to national golf

The three holders (Martin Couvra, Julien Sale and Tom Valiant) and the replacement (Oihan Guillamoundeguy) of the’French team present to the last World’s Championships be one of the guests this week. The four participants in their first tournament of the DP World Tour. They will all be there this weekend!

Oihan Guillamoundeguy continues

Oihan Guillamoundeguy (12th) was able to reproduce his 69 (-2) from the first round. The objective of the coupe, largely validated, seems far away as the Landais (although he was born in Bayonne and has a Basque name) seems confident this week and able to get a very good result.

The goal is always to win, we always come to a tournament to do it, plus I’m a very bad loser, I hate losing, aims the player to Seignosse. When you have places of honor like that, you just want to go lower the next day to be even better before the last day. But I think you shouldn’t think too much, you have to do “Oihan”, play as I know how to do it and the birdies will fall if I play well. »

I saw myself on the ranking, it’s weird for a first French Open

Oihan Guillamoundeguy

If he concedes having suffered a little pressure during the first round, the boy who will become an adult next November does not want to lock himself in for the future, quite the contrary. ” Yesterday, I saw myself on the ranking, it’s weird for a first French Open. Behind, I made a bad double and I finished the game badly. It’s still quite hard to manage but I was able to do it today by making a very good start to the game: forgetting and starting from scratch. I’m not going to isolate myself, I’m going to do as I do habit, make Oihan. I’m going to live that naturally, if people send me messages, it’s because they’re nice (smile) so I’m going to answer. »

The future pros Julien Sale and Tom Vaillant serene

The winner in Egypt on theTour of the Alps at the beginning of the year ahead Tom Valiant (22nd) by one point. The player of Cannes-Mougins did the job in that second round with a card in par. Three bogeys, including one at 18, canceled his three birdies of the day (1, 9 and 15).

Discreet during the first round (par), Julien Sale (47th) proved to be conqueror and forced fate to afford a beautiful weekend. If he alternated three times a birdie and a bogey on the way, the player of Saint Cloud stopped the errors on the return while enquiring two new birdies on the 14 and the difficult 15.

We’re struggling all over the hole and that’s kind of what I experienced today

Martin Couvra

The days follow each other and are not necessarily alike for all tricolor amateurs. Martin Couvra, sparkling in the first round with his brilliant 66 (-5), suffered the reverse of the medal this Friday by playing 10 more shots than the day before. After two bogeys on the way, the young player from White Earth recovered with a birdie at 13. But he was quickly forgotten by a double on the next before two new bogeys at the end of the game. He still narrowly crosses the coupe.

“I don’t feel more stressed than yesterday, I felt pretty good all daywas trying to explain the 19-year-old. I may have missed a few more face-offs, which penalized me more. The roughs are higher, so necessarily when you miss the fairway it’s difficult to be precise in the attack on the green, then you’re further away to make birdies, you struggle all over the hole and it’s a bit what I experienced today”.

If it’s never easy to fire teachers on the spot, Martin Couvra asked a lot learned in this difficult day. ” It’s still a little hot, the second shot of 14 put me in the tough spot when I wasn’t playing so badly, I had just birdied again at 13. To have lost the ball when it wasn’t Wasn’t such a bad move, it hit me in the head. It’s also seeing how I’m going to manage to manage events like that, know how to manage hard times, choose that I’m not doing well at the moment “.

Two other French amateurs were invited this week. From the height of his 14 years, Hugo Le Goff (+7, 135th) and Nathan Legend (+6, 126th) unfortunately ended far from the ax.

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