Aminata Diallo’s lawyer explains the internet search “breaking a kneecap”

It is a symbolic victory for Aminata Diallo. Suspected in the attack against Kheira Hamraoui, the former PSG player was released under judicial supervision this evening but is still indicted for “criminal association” and “aggravated violence”. His lawyer, Me Mourad Battikh, spoke this evening on the set of the show Do not touch My TV on C8. “Today there is no material element in the file that allows Aminata Diallo to be linked to the attackers and to the attack suffered by Kheira Hamraoui” he says, dismissing in passing a so-called competition between the two players. “At that time, Aminata Diallo was a regular at PSG and had just been recalled to the France team.” According to him, his client has become the media victim of this affair. “Aminata Diallo has been lynched in the media for several days, for several weeks. It is absolutely unacceptable. » He also laments the recently released press articles. He is even considering filing a complaint against The Parisianwhich is based on elements retained by the investigators.

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Finally, he comes back to this famous internet search for Diallo, specifying that she had not typed on the keyboard “how to break a kneecap” but “break a kneecap”. “If we take this element without exploiting the research that was done before and that which was done after, we can say almost anything. » According to Me Mourad Battikh, this request on a search engine is linked to Jordan Marié, player of Dijon. “He returned on October 23, a few days before this search for Aminata Diallo. was going to play his match, in Grenoble, where Aminata Diallo is from. Guess what happened to Jordan Married? He broke his kneecap. He talks about his patella saying that it is at a right angle”.

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