Amnesty International supports Denmark against France

The NGO published a press release to explain the reasons for its choice, in particular linked to the organization of the World Cup in Qatar.

Amnesty International is backing Denmark’s football team against France on Sunday, blaming the Blues for failing to take a stand in favor of migrant workers in Qatar, host country of the next World Cup. “Dear Blues, on Sunday you will face the Denmark team, in a match that looks like a dress rehearsal for the Men’s Football World Cup. But for us, at Amnesty International France, the Danish team is the big favorite to win the commitment challenge.“, writes the NGO in an open letter to French internationals released on Friday.

On May 19, 2022, we published an open letter addressed to the France team to encourage them to speak out publicly in favor of migrant workers in Qatar. Application kept dead letter», Regrets Amnesty. “Didier Deschamps, your coach, whom we had also contacted, had nevertheless announced that same day at a press conference that you knew that you were free to speak, and that he would not oppose the questioning of players towards Qatar or the federation. french“recalls the NGO. “You have decided to remain silent. Not the slightest individual intervention in the media or collective demand evoking the question of human rights in this country. Deafening silence from your team in the face of the thousands of migrant workers who died on Qatari construction sites, and the thousands of others subjected to forced labor“, deplores Amnesty, which stresses on the contrary that “the Danish team’s sponsors have decided to remove their logos from the players’ training shirts and replace them with a message supporting respect for human rights in Qatar“.

The battle of numbers

The question of the rights of migrant workers in Qatar has been regularly raised by NGOs since the awarding of the 2022 World Cup to the rich Gulf gas state in 2010. The figure of 6,500 deaths on the World Cup sites put forward by the British daily The Guardian, is fiercely denied by the Qatari authorities and is questionable. In 2021, a report by the International Labor Organization (ILO), which has an office in Doha, concluded that all of the occupational accidents that occurred during the year 2020 in Qatar killed 50 workers and seriously injured 500. others. However, the ILO notes shortcomings in the system of investigation and registration of deaths, and admits that their number could be higher.

Furthermore, Amnesty affirms that, according to a poll, 70% of French people are calling for the establishment of a compensation fund for victims in Qatar and recalls its proposal made in May to have it financed to the tune of 440 million dollars by FIFA, the governing body of world football.


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