An ambitious tennis club

the Obja tennis club ( TCO), created in 1981, currently has 354 members: 177 members, 105 young people and 72 adults. He has sports club activities evolving in N4.

The club can count on two full-time employees, one part-time employee and 14 volunteer members of the steering committee. It has two covered courts, two outdoor courts and soon two covered paddles; a clubhouse (whose extension is financed by the club) with kitchen, new terrace, covered entrance hall.


The TCO organizes two tournaments a year, plus the TMC week in February. For the sixth year, a school of ball collectors is working wonderfully, with several children from this training having been selected for the Roland Garros tournament.

The TCO is the second club in the department, affiliated to the FFT. It is managed with a masterful hand by John Néolier surrounded by a high-flying team.

The club has an educational team with Nicolas François, high-level federal youth coach and training enthusiast, Bertrand Mouly, Océane Delaire, Sophie Leymarie, Charlotte Landes, César Delcambre, Elena, Vincent and Benjamin Ricart, who supervise the Saturday morning, young players.

A galaxy program for 3-4 year olds allows children to learn about tennis while developing their psychomotor skills. The Galaxie tennis 4-10 year olds program places play at the heart of the learning system and aims to get children to play matches while respecting the values ​​of sport. The club is ranked among the top 200 training clubs. The goal is to be ranked among the top 100.


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