An anthem sung under threat against Wales?

Axel Allag, Media365: published on Friday, November 25, 2022 at 5:40 p.m.

Unlike the match against England (6-2), Iran’s players sang the country’s anthem this Friday against Wales (2-0). However, according to a report from The Guardian, the chant was emitted by threats and intimidation from Iranian regime dignitaries.

An attitude that questions, asks. This Friday, before winning against Wales on the 2nd day of the 2022 World Cup (2-0), the players of Iran sang the national anthem, which had not been the case on Monday last against England (6-2) when Carlos Queiroz entered the tournament, in a gesture of support for social movements present in the country, following the death in police custody of Mahsa Amini because she was not wearing her veil. According to information from the Guardian, the singing of the anthem on Friday is said to be the result of threats, direct or indirect, from Iranian dignitaries close to the regime.

An anthem whistled by many supporters

With lips barely moving, the players had clearly decided collectively to sing the anthem, but the uncomfortable performance contrasted with the vigor with which the Welsh players were singing their anthem.”, the source noted, also typifies many of Iran’s supporters in tears at this moment. According to the Guardian, Iran’s national team ‘has come under heavy pressure clashing with warnings from conservative politicians in their country that players could face consequences upon returning to Iran if they do not sing the national anthem’. A hymn that was whistled by many supporters in the stadium.

A flocked jersey named Mahsa Amini confiscated?

In addition, a fan made up with tears on her face and wearing a flocked jersey named Mahsa Amini was reportedly grabbed by stadium security. According to several media, this would be due FIFA rules which state that “anything containing words/images with political, offensive and/or discriminatory messages” is prohibited at World Cup venues. Accompanied by a man waving a “Freedom for women” flag, editor’s note), the supporter, named Yasi, came forward on this episode with the media I.

“There are so many brave women and men on the streets just for their basic rights. None of that matters. This game means nothing”she assured. Iranians just want to live, but my people don’t have that. It’s the least I can do”, she justified herself, admitting to calling her family – present in Iran – “five times a day”. Then to conclude: “FIFA can’t tell us to focus on football. Some media in Iran had visas to come to Qatar but at the last minute they were cancelled. That tells you everything”.

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