Angel Fernandez, new Limoges Handball left winger: “I have the same motivation as at Barça”

Limoges Handball launches its campaign of friendly matches this Wednesday evening (6 p.m.) with the reception at Henri-Normand of Bordeaux-Bruges (Proligue). The opportunity for the new Limougeaud Angel Fernandez to deliver his first impressions.

How was your acclimatization to LH?

Very well ! It was very easy, I’m very happy to be here. The dressing room (the team) is very good, as is the city. Barcelona is of course a beautiful city, but I’m from a small town myself and I love the tranquility.

What motivated your choice to commit to Limoges?

The first thing is the interest of the club and Alberto (Entrerrios). Having a Spanish coach was also very important. Alberto wants to play perfect handball, I believe I can learn a lot. On the same vision of handball.

“Limoges is a club where there is a lot of ambition”

Was the presence of Alberto Entrerrios decisive in your decision?

Not decisive, but very important.

What is the Entrerrios method?

He wants a very intense defense, with a lot of mobility. And in attack, he requires speed with coordination. He is also someone who has a lot of confidence in his players. That’s important. Likewise, he is quiet but he has a lot of character (smile).

What are your first impressions of the club?

The change between Barcelona and Limoges is big, of course. But Limoges is a club where there is a lot of ambition, with many people working hard to grow little by little. Its very important. A club that has the ambition to play in Europe is very good.

Isn’t the difference too big just to go from a European champion team to a new club in the elite?

Not for me. I have the same ambition and the same motivation as at Barça. We may not be able to be champion of France but we can aim for a qualifying place for Europe.

“On a whole to do great things”

Did you have time to celebrate and digest your title of European champion with Barcelona?

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(He blows) Not too much, not too much (smile). I was quite stressed because I had three weddings this summer plus mine! There was that of two Barça players, that of my best friend and therefore mine, which took place on July 16, four days before the resumption of LH training (July 20)! It was very stressful, but as there were many players arriving at the club with a new coach, I had to be there with everyone from day one.

That you inspire your new team and your new partners?

There is a very good group, with very good players. On an all to do great things this season. The acclimatization with everyone went very well for me. I already knew Jure (Dolenec), Dragan (Gajic), Tomislav (Kusan), David (Iglesias), Alberto (Entrerrios), José Manuel (Sierra)… And I think my French is better than I thought (laughs) ! I don’t speak perfectly but I understand a lot of things (note, he wanted to do the interview in French and spoke very well).

Alain Aubard, Executive Director of Limoges Handball, takes stock of the season: “The high level can be learned”

How is the preparation going so far?

Hard and difficult. There’s a lot of training, a lot of work, it’s very hot. The internship at Bugeat was very complicated, but it’s pre-season and it’s normal to be tired.

What should we expect from the first friendly match against Bordeaux?

That we apply what we have worked on in training. The most important thing is to build the team little by little for the first official match, on September 6, in the Coupe de France (in Frontignan).

Xavier Georges

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