AP brings French tennis player to education and training in Belém

Its mission is to improve the training of athletes at the AP Tennis School, in addition to setting up the Tennis Performance Center, in order to promote the development of the performance of the club’s athletes. A partnership between the club and one of the country’s biggest high-level academies, Tennis Route, brought French tennis player Laurent Phillippe to Belém this Thursday for training and training with the Assembly of the Para (AP).

About 300 students are currently enrolled in AP tennis lessons, according to the Assembly’s sports director, Guido Quetto. He points out that the starting point of the tennis player, who is based in Brazil and who comes for the second time to the capital Pará, is the same as school, and that the lives of young tennis players change thanks to sport .

French tennis player Laurent Philippe | ( The reproduction )

“It is the result of a great collaboration between the Assembly and the Academia Tênis, a reference in tennis methodology in Brazil, which helps us to provide a standard for affiliated athletes, isn’t it? Service, training, possibility of exchange. It’s technically a big tie forward, and why not say a huge turnaround, not only for Assembly tennis, but also for Pará state tennis,” Guido said.

AP joins forces with a leading tennis academy in Brazil

Another end goal of this work is to build a proprietary methodology for teaching sport in PA, and to contribute to high performance training and coaching in the state. “He is a professional who is a world reference and who accompanies our athletes monthly and trains our teachers so that we can follow a broader project that the Assembly wishes, namely the Olympic training project”, he anticipates. .

| ( The reproduction )

This first moment, after Guido, is the beginning of a new phase of the club’s sporting nucleus, and the Olympic training project, which will include all the modalities proposed to the General Assembly, is a further step towards an even more effective sport does not stop. “We train our professionals in these meetings and at the same time the methods in place of the competition teams, and already Laurent takes advantage of these athletes and observes them. It will be there every month until we implement this methodology 100%,” he concluded.

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