Are golf looks trendier than tennis outfits?

It was at the Lacoste Ladies Open de France in Deauville that the question arose: the golf looks Will they now be more stylish than tennis ones? Because if a few personalities have made the show on the court (hello Serena Williams or Naomi Osaka), the dress with built-in shorts is legion and starts by boring us as much as an amateur ping pong match. Can the green give us new inspirations? It would seem so! Thanks to brands like Lacoste or Ralph Lauren, golfers’ dressing rooms are modernizing and the clubhouse locker room is becoming more and more popular. Today, bucket hats rub shoulders with visors and pleated skirts are the perfect allies for the most fashionable players. It must still be admitted that if no rule prohibits extravagance, elegance is rather recommended to progress on the fairway. It will therefore be rare to see a pro land in hot pink on the grass… But we are not immune to a surprise. The total white look, pastel shades or discreet print are therefore in the majority. However, nothing forces you to be discreet and by daring purple, you could surely make a splash in practice.

Comment Lacoste has made golf fashionable?

If the name Rene Lacoste is immediately associated with tennis, that of his wife Simone was more like golf! This is why the crocodile brand has also focused on this sport and has quickly become a reference in the field. In the heart of the Basque Country, the family even owns a historic golf course called “Chantaco” (like the name of one of their line of bags, well, well…). From the 1930s – and the height of Lacoste’s success – until today, sports dress codes have nonetheless evolved. And perhaps this is what sharpened the interest of fashionistas. The grace of golf core can be attributed to several factors, including the fact that more and more people, especially women, are playing it. But the passion and innovative collections of the brands, and in particular Lacoste, have contributed to making this fashion trend outside the traditional country clubs. To adopt the look without mastering the putt, nothing could be simpler. The first advice is simple: put on key golf accessories to wear in the city. Cap, socks and even gloves are all trendy pieces that can add athleisure touches to our style. For a closer look, the polo shirt and the pleated skirt stand out as star clothes to adopt.

Pleated skirt with integrated shorts, Lacoste

The preppy chic conveyed by these two pieces gives your outfit an extra touch of elegance. In 2022, the uniform is more trendy than ever. So buy a golf uniform to integrate it into your wardrobe is the perfect back-to-school idea. And when the look is on top, it’s time to go practice hitting balls at the driving range.

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