ASCA rugby pays tribute to Pierre Maupeyra

The ASCA rugby club lived unforgettable years in the 1980s and 1990s in its camaraderie, in sports results. The young people of today have not known this time when the orange and blue jersey floated in the elite of the “without grades”, at the foot of the podium of the rise of the former 3rd division, today Federal 3. To this day, all that remains for the elders are memories, good memories.

President of Ovalie Aureilhanaise from 1987 to 1991, thus succeeding Claude Duffau, Pierre Maupeyra took with him memorable meetings on the first Tuesdays of each month when the General ASCA, in the Thousand Clubs room, drew up its schedules for all sections which have come to enlarge the panel of various disciplines. During the 1991-1992 season, Pierre will be supported by Michel Lacrampe to shape and direct the Aureilhan oval ball which was closely followed by many of his followers. In the following season, 1992-1993, it was Marc Bellocq’s turn to join Pierre Maupeyra at the head of a club that was making good progress in the Armagnac-Bigorre championship.

A lifetime of rugby

Our 3rd line, native of Aureilhan, a well-filled rugby calling card since in juniors already, with Stade Toulousain, he will raise the shield of Brennus. Moreover, the Stadium remains his fetish emblem, his favorite club forever. Then, will come the time of the military service in Auch where the club of Vic-Fezensac had spotted the qualities of play of Pierre Maupeyra, with the side of a Gers melee which will seek a title of champion of France. Thereafter, he will be crowned for the umpteenth time champion of France with the Bordères team.

The moment for his career to hang up his crampons having come, Pierre will not abandon the stadiums, since he will project himself for a second, this time as a leader. Stado, TLP, TPR nothing escaped the vigilance of this assiduous volunteer. Pierre Maupeyra will turn to a professional activity as a butcher, thus refusing training in catering which would not have allowed him to be at the stadiums on Sunday, an anecdote that says a lot about his attachment to the oval ball.

The NR joins in the sadness of Régine his wife, all his family and friends.

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