At the Arras golf course in Anzin, it will “swing” Thursday for 300 children from Arrageois

The initiation will include golf, but also its derivatives such as footgolf. Like last year, Gervais Martel will be one of the driving forces behind the action in Anzin-Saint-Aubin.

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Former emblematic president of RC Lens, Gervais Martel has at least two reasons to be smiling at the moment: his favorite club is doing well, and he will soon make people happy. On September 29, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., students from schools in the urban community of Arras could, for a day, try their hand at “swing” or “putting” on the golf course at ‘Arras in Anzin-Saint-Aubin. And take advantage of the wise advice of great champions such as Jean Vandevelde, like last year. At the same time, some variants, such as footgolf, will be offered. The principle ? You aim for the target… with your feet.

Lots of requests

Before being fresh and ready on the greens, the young participants could recharge their batteries since the AUC will provide lunch. During the 2021 edition, Gervais Martel had promised to return, with something even bigger. Promise kept. ” There will be 300 children, that’s more than last year. In total, about a had 500 requests. It will be a great time for them “.

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