At the Baud-Locminé handball club, we go through the workforce

Baud-Locminé signs a second victory in the Prénationale. A success with the communion of its public. ©The Gazette of the Center Morbihan.

With its 300 licensees, its 17 teams, Baud Locminé Handball is a big machine and an organization worthy of a business. “You can’t get it wrong with management. You have to know how to be ambitious but reasonable, ”said Sabrina Lécuyer, the co-president for two years (in tandem with Philippe Le Vannier).

Too heavy for volunteers

To manage this workforce, she does not hide the fact that it is clearly ” impossible without employees“. The load is already substantial for the members of the office, volunteers… So, several years ago already, the club made the choice of recruiter: “Edouard worked with us for 8 years. Following his departure at the end of last season, Sarah Simon has just succeeded him”.

Like her predecessor, the young woman, who played at earlier Plescop, will manage workouts young people (at several sites: in Locminé, Baud, Plumelin, etc.), but also to accomplish administrative tasks (convocations, match reports, etc.), while coaching two senior teams on weekends. “She will bring her perspective to all levels. »

Today, one employee is not enough for the structure which wishes to maintain its status as a training club of the Center Morbihan. Office so looking for solutions since April and wants to hire a second person, on a 20-hour contract, “with a handball specialty”.

Our young people already have two training sessions a week, even our U11s, but we would like more competition slots, more technicality… For that, we have no choice, we need qualified people.

Sabrina Lécuyer, co-president.

Looking for a second employee

Despite hiring two work-study for other missions (communication, partnerships, etc.), the club needs a second employee, despite the cost, “sincean employee is around €25,000. We have therefore carried out requests for help, supported by the presentation of our project. We have to prove that the club will be able to finance the job in one, two, three years…”

Obtaining this aid is essential, because if the club were to self-finance these positions, it would have to reassess extensively the price of licenses (more than the 10 euros voted at the general meeting), “and we especially do not want this to become an inaccessible sport”.

Partnerships, events…, the office is multiplying initiatives in parallel to complete the budget, sometimes with the regret that the parents do not invest a minimum. “They are too often consumers, regrets Sabrina. We don’t ask them a lot, 2 to 4 hours over a season to lend a hand during barter and flea markets for example. It would relieve those who are there from 5 a.m. to 8 p.m. in the evening… ”And this animation, which records 1,500 entries at the very least, is far from being anecdotal for the treasury…

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Sabrina Lécuyer, co-president of the BLHB for two years, with Philippe Le Vannier.
Sabrina Lécuyer, co-president of the BLHB for two years, with Philippe Le Vannier. ©Céline RAVAUDET

“The family spirit is there”

The wage earner is not everything, it is also a chemistry with the volunteers who remains an essential link. BLHB encourages volunteering, “for example by taking care of the licenses of players who voluntarily coach a team. Sabrina also knows that she can count on the young people: “I am very proud of them, moreover, because they get involved, offer to supervise the hand school, the baby…”

She also saw the commitment of “her” volunteers, coaches, who did their best to maintain activity during the health crisis, “and that is surely what helped us to restart the machine more quickly. “Because the first wealth of the club, according to her, “is family spirit. We have a great atmosphere”, and that is essential in the life of the club.

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