At the rugby club, volunteers back on the breach

In Pénétro, the teams of volunteers met to organize the meeting which opposed the ASL to the Béarnais of Aramits.

It was, last Sunday, in Penetro, the first rugby afternoon, counting for the French Federal II championship. The crowd was not there. Was it because the poster was not attractive enough or because rugby aficionados still wanted the beach? The attendance was thin; there were still places in the small stand of a stadium which is not suited to the sporting status of the ASL. A new stadium is planned, but it will have to do with the existing one, until, on the other side of the RN 21, a new sports complex emerges.

For the club’s volunteer cooks, who cook on matchdays and training nights, the season has begun. Yannick Jauzenque mobilized his troops to cook and serve 120 pre-match meals under the marquee. On the menu: low rib with Roquefort sauce, potato gratin with porcini mushrooms, salad, cheese, apple/prune pie. It was cooking and service for the faithful companions of the chef. Let’s mention Maurice and Papic who can be worked at will, but also Ophélie, Marianne, Marie-Hélène, Christine, Déborah, Florian, without forgetting all those who are always ready to lend a hand so that their favorite club can live.

Before kick-off, the ASL paid tribute to a friend, sponsor and neighbor of the club. Laurent Antonietti, director of Carrefour Contact, we left recently, still very young. His brother Philippe gave the fictitious kickoff, very moved by the honor that was given to his brother.

Previously, it was necessary to install the pitch and then, when the public arrived, take care of the entrances. “Tonine” and Jérôme are in control. Fortunately, the health constraints linked to Covid have been suspended, which makes the task easier. On the sporting side, the ASL was opposed to Aramits, a Béarn club which arrived without its B team: 13 injured failed this team resulting from the sporting passion of several villages. At half-time, we were at 34/15 for Layrac, but the Aramits musketeers were tough and it was only at the last minute that the Layracais were able to get the bonus point which takes them to the first. instead of their hen.

Oysters – Also last Sunday, the Massé family, oyster farmers at the Château d’Oléron, on the island of the same name, restarted the Sunday distribution of oysters.

For the first time this season, Eric and his son Kevin have set up their stand on the Place de Salens, as they will do every Sunday until the end of April. Corine, the mother, is at Le Pin market at the same time. But you can find them on Saturday mornings at the Gravier market and in the afternoons opposite the Géant Casino (at the car wash).

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