ATP > Guillermo Perez Roldan: “All this question of managers, physical trainers, who are not very “tennis”, it must be recognized that there are a lot of very bad ones”

PuntoDebrak offers us an exclusive but very interesting interview with Guillermo Perez Roldan, former world number 13 (1988), now a coach.

This former Argentinian player takes a very critical look at current tennis, far from the one he knew alongside André Agassi.

His analyzes will not please everyone and especially Guillermo will not make friends.

So when we ask him to compare his generation with that of today, he does not go out of his way.

These guys also have everything much easier. This is why the inconstancy of the players is unheard of, this is why the good ones persist in winning; the good ones don’t just keep winning, they get better, because I would say right now Nadal is playing better tennis than before. He may have less legs, less physique, but he plays better tennis, it makes his game more efficient. I’m going to have a lot of people against me, but this whole question of managers, physical trainers, who aren’t very “tennis”, you have to admit that there are a lot of very bad ones. In the end, there is much more comfort than before. Today it’s quite complicated for a guy to train you for four or five hours of tennis, and even more in terms of specific work, before, it was normal and logical.

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