ATP – Rafael Nadal: “I would like to see tennis with various styles” #ATP #Tennis #Nadal #RafaNadal #DavisCup

Rafael Nadal nostalgic ? Perhaps. This week the Bull of Manacor is present at Buenos Aires to contest an exhibition event alongside Casper Ruud and Gabriela Sabatini. At a press conference on Tuesday, the Mallorcan spoke of several themes: his paternity, retirement but also his vision of tennis. always direct, Rafa confessed to preferring old tennis, when styles were more varied.

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“Personally, as a show, I would like to see tennis that offers more opportunities”

Personally, as a show, I would like to see tennis that offers more opportunities, more varied styles of play. Today the way the game is played and the way the courts are made or the balls are made I think most people play a very similar style the speed at which it is played and the conditions it so there is very little room to implement a different tactic or a different way of thinking. Everything is going too fast to come up with something different, to have time to reflect, as it might happen on clay. Tennis changed, when I arrived on the circuit it was played in a different way, the Big 3 had to adapt to stay competitive and improve. Things have gone really well for me, I can’t complain, but I like a different type of sport where you can plan your moves.”, he explained. A point of view that purists will no doubt appreciate.


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