Auxonne. Women’s professional handball comes to town

Stine Norklit Longborg, Natalia Nosek or Manon Gravelle. These names may mean nothing to you and yet these girls are marking the history of contemporary handball. And to discover them, rediscover them or encourage them, they will be this Wednesday evening on the grounds of the La-Croix-des-Sarrasins 2 gymnasium in Auxonne. The city of the feminine Saône plain indeed hosts, at 7:30 p.m., a friendly match between the JDA Dijon and the ESBF (Entente sportif Besançon) Besançon.

An idea by Karim Zouine, 1uh Deputy Mayor: “The idea came to me because I wanted to have an event of this magnitude to highlight women’s professional sport”.

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And it’s no coincidence that handball was targeted: “We have a handball club in Auxonne with sections…

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