back in Rennes with the France team, Lucille Gicquel faces Portugal

Exiled in Italy in the biggest European championship, the Breton Lucille Gicquel returns to her land with the France team to face Portugal. In Rennes, his whole family will be in the stands. Nothing but champions. Among the Gicquels, it’s a point, sizes.

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Lucille Gicquel is back in Brittany. The Rennes volleyball player is on stage with the French team to prepare for the Golden League, a European competition, but above all the Olympic Games, which are looming in 2024 in Paris.

Les Bleues will punctuate their week of preparation by playing two friendly matches against Portugal in Rennes.

Two games that the 24-year-old striker, the “pointy”, will play in front of her family and friends. Strong emotion for the one who started at the REC before breaking through and becoming, over the years, one of the references of European volleyball.

At the base camp of the French team on the banks of the Vilaine in Bruz, Lucille tells us about her beginnings.

“I was 12, I had done gymnastics, dance, but I wanted to do a team sport. I like team play, strategy. And then, I’m a striker, I like to score points, celebrate, win…”

“I loved handball, but when I was diagnosed with a tachycardia problem, I had to find a sport that was a little less demanding on the cardio side. I was offered volleyball, I tested, I loved, I stayed.”

12 years later, Lucille has no regrets. Today, the Rennaise plays in the most highly rated European championships, Italy, which she joined after targeting the French Poles, and raging in the clubs of Cannes and Nantes.

“In 2019, I was offered an offer to go and play for the best club in the world, Cogliano. don’t refuse!”

“There, I had the chance to win everything, and above all I learned a lot. And then after two years, as I wanted a little more playing time, I signed for another club. , Cunéo, a little less prestigious, 7th in the championship, but in full progress, with ambitions.”

If the pointed tricolor has succeeded in such a rise, she owes it to her work, her character (she joined the France pole in second), but perhaps also to her entourage.

In the Gicquel family, it is easy to appreciate the high level. Jean-Charles, his father, was French high jump champion, a discipline in which he still holds the indoor record with 2.35 m. And before Lucille, Clément and Solène, his brother and sister, followed suit. of the father by rising on the podiums of French sport.

Clément is vice-champion of France in high jump 2017, Solène champion of France 2020.

Among the Gicquels, volleyball also had good press. Anne, Lucille’s mother, had practiced when she was a student.

“But never, emphasizes Jean-Charles, we parents did not push the wheel. When she was a teenager, when she broke through, and when she had the opportunity to go to the Pôle France, she even refused that we were going to refuse for fear of seeing her ruin her studies. We just told him, if you like it, if it’s your project, then go for it, so you don’t regret anything”.

“Today, we are very happy and very proud of what our children are doing. But that Lucille succeeds, accomplishes herself in a sport that is not mine also has a special flavor.”

Her volleyball career therefore pushed Lucille to leave the family cocoon in high school. Today, she only comes back to Rennes twice a year, once in winter, once in summer.

“We will occasionally spend a week in Italy, said Jean-Charles. And that gives us the opportunity to see differently than on TV. But this time, seeing her play in Rennes is really great.”.

This weekend, thanks to the Breton stay of the tricolors, the whole Gicquel family will therefore meet at the Colette Besson hall in Rennes to applaud Lucille against Portugal. With close friends, the tribe should occupy about forty places.

To the question, is there competition between siblings? “It’s no”, Lucille replies. “Depending on the results, we call each other, we congratulate each other, we encourage each other… And sometimes, it’s true, we sleep in a little. I would never have had the idea of ​​doing a sport where you risk competing in the rain!”

France/Portugal: Friday May 13, 8:30 p.m. and Sunday May 15, 5 p.m. Colette Besson room in Rennes

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