Bafodé Diakité looks back on his debut in football

In an interview given on the club’s website, Bafodé Diakité summarized many subjects, in particular on his trajectory before joining LOSC.

Finally from Toulouse where he spent all his childhood, Bafodé Diakité discovered football very young in his neighborhood. He started club football at the age of 6 but was not interested in competition: “Basically, I was not a big football fan, at least not in a club. I didn’t ask for an idol. » However, a few years later, he joined the Toulouse Football Club. After five years at the academy, he played his first Ligue 1 match on December 5, 2017 as Téfécé fought to stay in the French top flight.

After having had a few Ligue 1 matches, he experienced the descent to Ligue 1 during the 2019-2020 season. Courted by several clubs, he then decided to remain faithful to his training club, having the desire to raise his club to the elite to leave with his head held high: “For me, the place of Téfécé is in Ligue 1. I am from Toulouse, I am a child of the club, I had years of contract left. So in my head, it was clear, I wanted to go back upstairs so that, in the event of a later departure, I could leave thinking that I had done things well. » A wish perfectly respected since after a Ligue 2 title, he joined LOSC last summer.

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