Bagnac-sur-Cele. Drought, football and rugby: news from the town

Water and its limits. The Célé reading on Monday September 19 showed, at 8 a.m., 0.50m³ seconds, identical to the periods after August 15 in a heat wave and even more impressive, the automatic reading from Figeac only allows 0.30m³/ s. The nights are cooler (a few white frosts in the valley); much less evaporation and yet the level continues to drop; it is therefore that the source reserves are diminishing. There will be no second cut for farmers who have already caused their winter stocks; it is really time for the reserves to be replenished, if not…

Soccer ; Good and less good. While the first team met the 2 of Figeac-Capdenac in Capdenac, the 2 team of Haut-Célé Football-Club received, at the Robert-Bories stadium in Bagnac, the team of Labathude on behalf of the third division. Balanced match which still saw the victory of the opponent on the score of 2 to 3.

The good surprise comes from team 1 which, on the opponent’s field, won by 2 to 1 and brought back the points of victory. The latter will resume the championship on October 1, named Montcabrier. Sunday, September 25, at 3 p.m., the seniors 3 of Haut Célé defeated Puybrun-Tauriac 2. The young girls play in the morning at 10 a.m. on the Livernon field.

Rugby, it came close. The first match of the 2nd regional division (ex-Promotion Honneur) saw the Châtaigneraie-Célé team travel to southern Aveyron, to Camares, to face the Rougier team. It was a tough and contested match, marred by many faults; a distribution of boxes of both colors and some injuries are to be deplored. Too bad a defeat at the last minute deprives the Cantalou-Lotois rally of victory. A score of 25 to 24 allows visitors to bring back a defensive bonus point from the opponent.

The reserve, however complete, had to play at 12, in Grisolles against RAS Garrona 15 because the opponent lacked players. The victory of the Rassemblement on opposing soil by 50 to 10 is not open to discussion.

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