BAGNOLS/CÈZE Handball: the HBGR presents its new team and its ambitious project

The new National 1 team was presented to the club’s partners, in the presence of the municipal councilor responsible for sports policy and mediation, Sylvain Hille. (Marie Meunier / Objective Gard)

The beginning of the season is complicated for the HBGR (Handball Bagnols Gard rhodanien), with a victory and two defeats at home, but the staff and the players are determined to reach the objective of the top 3. Especially as the club launches in an ambitious project. The president, Patrice Attard, presented it to the partners this Wednesday evening.

We’ve been playing in Nationale 1 for 7 years. Today, we’re a bit at the end and we’re running out of steam. We want to progress and trigger a new dynamic“, confirms Patrice Attard. The club’s new challenge is therefore to structure itself, particularly in terms of marketing, sales and administration. ” We must sit our foundations on a solid base“, continues the president. The ultimate goal is to professionalize the club and therefore recruit pro players.

To carry out this challenge, the club is counting on the support of the inhabitants but also on that of its partners. Financial means are essential: Today there are 50 partners. We want to count 100 in the following weeks and 150 the following year. We want to offer you a real show in good conditions and with a welcome service. »

A larger grandstand and a marquee

The Bagnolese municipality has also undertaken to invest for the HBGR, ” the city’s flag club“, as underlined by the director general of services, Jérôme Talon. Even if the City has to seek 1 million euros in savings due to the energy crisis, it was decided to ” protect the voluntary sector“. The subsidy of €110,000 is therefore maintained and the municipality will also acquire a stand with 100 additional seats and a marquee for the hand and other clubs to allow a better reception. ” We will have them at the beginning of November normally”says Jérôme Talon.

Something to boost the spirits at the club! This Saturday at 7 p.m., the “Reds and Blacks” will face Nîmes at Parnasse for the 4th match of the championship. And the following week, on Sunday, at 3:30 p.m., the show promises to be high-flying because the N1 team will receive on the floor of Eyrieux, Ajaccio. The team still in the running-in phase must assert itself: We have a little more than half of the collective that has changed. Among the newcomers, there are two foreign players, soon a third who should sign. We are faced with the language barrier. (…) There is still a lack of confidence but it is a studious group, which works well and which is going because its base», Analyzes Dominique Clavié, who coaches the team alongside Johan Boisedu, a former pro player who has just been appointed general manager of the club after a 23-year career. ” We also learn from his defeats“, finished the latter.

Mary Meunier

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