Bara: Dembl explains the reasons for his rebirth

In great shape for months, Ousmane Demb has been performing well with FC Barcelona and finally seems to be free of injuries. For this, the French winger has changed his way of working and his preparation.

Demb relishes return to top level

Ousmane Dembl has found a smile. After several years of struggling with injuries, the 25-year-old winger finally seems to be free of his physical glitches and is now playing games at his best under the colors of FC Barcelona.

Author of 2 goals and 4 assists in eight games this season, the French international is one of the strong men of the team coached by Xavi. His good performances have also allowed him to return to the French team for the September rally. Frankly, one makes me happy. Last season, I worked a lot to come back to the selection, I was not selected. It doesn’t matter, but I’ve worked hard to be on this list. confided the Barcelonan in an RMC interview.

Demb clicked

This return to the Blues is a great reward for a player who has changed his habits, thanks in particular to the help of his last two coaches at Bara: Ronald Koeman and Xavi. There have been many changes with FC Barcelona. The arrival of a new coach, even if with Ronald Koeman had gone well. I played several matches. But there was also a click because I had a lot of hamstring injuries, etc…

So you had to work, I was often told: “If you don’t work, you’ll stagnate. You’ll hurt yourself, if you don’t strengthen yourself.” There was this click, with Koeman, and with Xavi things went even better. that time, I had no injuries. We keep our fingers crossed, we keep working and then I’m good, I feel good Barcelona, ​​I have the confidence of the whole team, the whole club, and I’m happy ensures the former Rennes.

O. Dembl – I was young like everyone else

Happy, the native of Vernon is having fun in Catalonia under the orders of Xavi, a coach who pushed for his extension last summer when the Barcelona management and its agents had not been able to reach an agreement for months. Of course, with Xavi’s confidence, I had to stay. (…) Afterwards, there was what happened, but I always said that I wanted to stay in Barcelona and I feel good there, says Demb. I’ve always dreamed of playing Barcelona, ​​I’m making my dream come true and I’m very happy.

Glad also that the mockery of his poor lifestyle is now behind him. And this thanks to a more serious approach to the profession of footballer. Unseen work changes? Of course, of course. Afterwards, I was young like everyone else. On one could go out. But not so much, not what we imagine. We were young and then there was this click too, I grew up. A bit of experience too. L, all these stories are over. And it is not the Bara who will complain about it.

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