Baseball, handball, BMX… In Clapiers, sport is not lacking in talent

Midi Libre has decided to highlight the sportsmen and women of the thirty municipalities of the Metropolis. From October 17 and until December 13, you will find insights into this abundant universe which, all sports combined, bring together a very large number of followers. Some are looking for performance, others the pleasure of moving, but all have their place! Without, however, aiming for completeness.

Baseball: the Rabbits, a family club that is moving forward and innovating

Being known and recognized in the world of baseball and softball is no accident. Indeed, unlike some Division 1 clubs, which put the means on the first teams, at the Rabbits of Clapiers-Jacou, importance is given to all sections, with the involvement of coaches (all volunteers).

Among young people, there is on average one coach for every six players, which ensures a high quality of coaching. The continuous training of coaches also allows for the gradual development of players.

But in the Rabbits train, in front of the many wagons, there is also a locomotive: Éric Dedieu, trainer for years and as such, champion of France, all categories. The club is also a family affair. Vanessa Dedieu is the secretary, herself very familiar with the discipline of softball.

The virus was transmitted to children, who are also involved in the association. Lucas Dedieu junior has even integrated a very original new discipline called “baseball 5 or B5”, an urban version of traditional baseball/softball. It is a fast discipline, coming from Cuba, young and dynamic, which can be played everywhere, by everyone, and requires only a simple bouncing ball, on a square base of 5X5, without battery or glove. .

The matches last 15 minutes and are played five against five at a very fast pace! Discipline allows you to develop the sense of the game, the speed of execution and the cardio! It is therefore an excellent tool, accessible to experienced and beginners alike, which allows you to let off steam.

The young Lucas, he has already married the high level and joined the France team: he has just played in the European Championships in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Handball: Anaïs Silvestre, a flawless run

Anaïs Silvestre is on her way to European competitions.

It was at the age of 7 that Anaïs, daughter of Clapierois, already very athletic herself, joined a handball team. And it is thanks to coaches discovering talents that she has climbed all the levels that lead to recognition. Thus, she joined the Pôle Espoir at the age of 13. Considered a high-level sportswoman, she evolves in National 2. At 18, she is now solicited by professional clubs. But it is with Paris 92, (3rd in D1), that she signed up for 2 years, on her way to European competitions.

BMX: Luca Bertrand holds the road to the world championships

Luca Bertrand qualified for his first BMX freestyle park world championships in the United Arab Emirates

Luca Bertrand qualified for his first BMX freestyle park world championships in the United Arab Emirates

This young man of 20, of reserved appearance, is a lion when he is in competition. Luca Bertrand started mountain biking at the age of 8 in Clapiers. Very invested, supported by his family, well known in Clapiers, he rose through the ranks with this last deserved qualification for his first BMX freestyle park world championships in the United Arab Emirates. His spectacular and daring figures earned him a 22nd place finish. All Clapierois are proud and Luca, by his performances, makes Clapiers a town that intrigues the whole world.

The strong point

Sport is omnipresent in Clapiers. Among the disciplines which drain the greatest number of members, let us mention football, tennis, pétanque, but basketball, volleyball, handball, baseball, rock climbing and artistic gymnastics are not to be outdone.

More original disciplines are also practiced there: French boxing, savate or even capoeira. And multiple associations allow walkers, dancers, hunters and stuntmen to satisfy their passion, the latter on BMX or pumptrack grounds.

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