Basketball: Alba Ventura’s rant against Thomas Heurtel

Another athlete disconnected from the ordinary world. Thomas Heurtel, the leader of the Bluesjust commit to two seasons with the Zenit St. Petersburg, in Russia. It’s true that it’s absolutely time to sign with a Russian club. Bravo for the timing! When you see that Russian tennis player Daniil Medvedev split himself with a message of peace. You say to yourself that there is one who has not understood everything.

What basketball player Thomas Heurtel understood, on the other hand, was that in Russia, he was going to be paid five times more than in a Euroleague club. It makes you consider differently the fact ofgo and play in a country that is waging war on its neighbor and which threatens the whole world. Money rather than wearing the tricolor jersey next year at the World Championships or the Olympic Games in 2024, funny mentality.

It’s not just the money that stains it, there’s also its cynicism and its lies. Indeed, last August, the Basketball Federation warned players: those who will join Russian or Belarusian clubs will not be selected with the Blues, until the end of the war in Ukraine.

To seal this pact, the Fed had asked each player to sign a certificate of honor, which the leader signed, while he was topping with the Russians. A certificate on honor, but what honor?

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