Basketball: Joël Embiid could possibly join the France team

The coach of the France team Vincent Collet opened the door on Tuesday to the integration of Cameroonian star Joël Embiid, naturalized French in early July, during a press briefing in Nanterre one month before the Eurobasket.

“When he’s fully selectable for paper and physical reasons, I don’t see why we wouldn’t select him. We have always taken the best players and I consider that from the moment he is selectable, he belongs to this category, ”said Collet in a press conference.

Embiid, one of the NBA’s star players and five-time All-Star, obtained French nationality on July 4, paving the way for a possible integration with the French team in the run-up to the 2024 Olympics. from Paris.

“He still has to get his French passport and the FIBA ​​license, which could allow him to be selected by the France team. He would have liked to play at the Euro (September 1-18). If he had been selectable this summer, we would have asked ourselves the question, ”said the general manager of the Blues, Boris Diaw.

With the Philadelphia Sixers, the Cameroonian pivot finished top scorer in the regular season with an average of 30.6 points per game.

“Joel is a unique player. Now on a close-knit team. We have to see how it could work for the team, ”wondered French star Rudy Gobert, three-time best defender of the year in the NBA.

Reduced by a fracture of the orbit of the right eye, Embiid stopped in the semi-finals of conference. The Sixers lost to Miami 4-2.

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