BASKETBALL – The COSPN ends the elite 16 of the Road to BAL without a win |

Antananarivo, November 25, 9:14 a.m. – Mission not accomplished. The National Police Sports Club (COSPN) returns to the country without any victory in the Elite 16 of the Road to BAL. The victory for the honor he had sought against Matero Magic of Zambia on Thursday, as part of the third and final day of the group stage of this second qualifying phase at the Basketball Africa League did not take place. . The Malagasy formation lost to the Zambian formation by the score of 81 to 83.

⭕The Matero Magic was indeed an opponent within reach of the COSPN unlike the previous two. Although the Zambians dominated the first three quarters (22-24/20-23/13-17), Elly Randriamampionona and Livio Ratianarivo made a good comeback in the fourth quarter (26-17). But the points obtained were insufficient to win.

⭕During the last five minutes of this match, the COSPN already had a five-point advantage on the board. The lack of lucidity and concentration during the last three minutes cost the police dearly. 2 minutes 30 from the end of the match, Orlando Rahajaniaina said Bila had the ball in hand to widen the gap, with three free throws. The score was then 79 to 78. But none of these three shots could be converted.

⭕The end of the match was crucial for the COSPN. The Matero Magic scored the winning basket 3 seconds from the buzzer, while the score was 81-81 with 20 seconds from the buzzer.

⭕After this new defeat, the proteges of Jean de Dieu Randrianarivelo end up in last place in pool B of group F. The COSPN could still try their luck next year. After winning the title of Madagascar 2022 champion, he is still the one who should represent the Big Island at the next BAL.

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