BASKETBALL – The COSPN intends to strengthen its workforce with four players including two foreigners for its participation in the “Road to BAL” 2023 tournament |

Antananarivo, September 20, 6:17 a.m. – The National Police Sports Club (COSPN) wants to improve its workforce for the “Road to BAL” tournament. The Madagascar champion team plans to acquire four new players to increase its 2021 squad during this African club competition, said commissioner Rufin Lebiria who represented the club at a press conference on Monday in Anosy.

⭕In its view, the COSPN is targeting two local players and two foreign players. The foreign players to be recruited have not yet been identified. “The technicians are looking for them,” says commissioner Rufin Lebiria, who evokes an American track.

⭕This reinforcement of staff is justified by the level of the BAL which continues to progress from year to year, as indicated by Jean Michel Ramaroson, president of the Malagasy Federation of baketball (FMBB). “This third edition could be even rougher than the previous two,” he points out.

⭕Madagascar organizes the “Road to BAL” of the group D of the Eastern division for this year, from October 18 to 23 at the Palais des sports et de la culture Mahamasina. The COSPN and five other teams from the continent will participate. The first two of the tournament will qualify for the next round, the Elite 16.

⭕This is Madagascar’s second participation in the BAL after that of 2020. The Big Island was represented by the National Gendarmerie Basketball Club (GNBC) and reached the final phase which took place in Rwanda.

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