Bauer report proposals unveiled

Axel Allag, Media365, published on Wednesday, November 23, 2022 at 8:00 p.m.

Criminologist Alain Bauer delivered his report on security to the LFP and Vincent Labrune on Wednesday. 6 proposals are recommended in order to stem the violence in Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 stadiums.

Following a season marked by numerous security incidents in Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 stadiums, the League commissioned a report on excesses in stadiums from the famous criminologist Alain Bauer. This Wednesday, the final document was submitted to the League and its president, Vincent Labrune. “Following an unprecedented consultation with clubs, public authorities, LFP committees and football players, Alain Bauer and his team recommend six proposals below extracted from the report”can we read in particular on the official press release.

“Solving the Anonymity of Hooligans and Thugs”

Among the proposals unveiled, we find in particular that of “strengthening the authority of the State, reinforced acquired on an expertise: expanding the role of the DNLH and perpetuating the Interministerial Unit”, or even that of “rethinking the relationship with the groups of supporters and adapt the legislation, particularly on smoke bombs, by making the organizers responsible”. Furthermore, it is necessary to “rebalance collective sanctions and individual sanctions: break the anonymity of thugs to allow supporters to play their role as supporters”. Thus, “aIn order to guarantee the targeted application of individual sanctions, there is no other solution than to work to resolve the anonymity of hooligans and thugs. The requirement for the organizer and the owner of the stadium will be that they control who participates in the event in the stadium”, can we read on the official press release.

For Bauer, fans must “become real partners”

The criminologist also has the ambition to “develop an LFP certification which makes it possible to work on securing sporting events in French stadiums at all levels. To compensate for the loss of skills observed in most stadiums, but also the loss of volumes of agents likely to intervene in the stadiums after the Covid crisis, it seems imperative to adapt the training and qualifications of the agents called upon to intervene. in stadiums. It is also imperative to “prioritize the risks, move from ‘ready-to-wear’ to ‘tailor-made’; »All the previous recommendations must be applied with the ability to adapt to local situations. It is not possible to approach stadiums that play to sold-out crowds with 60,000 spectators every week and stadiums that struggle to reach 1,500 spectators on a regular basis. It is imperative to take into account the effects of size, regional differences, sporting and physical specificities of the stadiums”.

The LFP welcomed the work done by Alain Bauer. “This report is the result of an unprecedented co-production bringing together all the parties concerned. As the report points out, stadium security is everyone’s business. As such, the State, the clubs, the League and the players must formalize a strict framework for collaboration. The report also bears witness to the absolute need to strengthen the work of identifying offenders. We must break the anonymity of thugs. This is the only possible way to turn to individual sanctions rather than collective sanctions“, expressed Vincent Labrune. The criminologist showed him that the supporters were not” adversaries “. “They have to become real partners. There, as elsewhere, the co-production of security will be the key to a return to a peaceful and playful use of the stadiums and the events that are organized there. he indicated.

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