Beaumont-de-Lomagne. Rugby: echoes of the Stade Beaumontois

On the side of the reserve team: upset by their entry into the championship which had ended in defeat on their soil, the men of the new tandem Guillaume Rachou-Youn Sallé were keen to thwart local ambitions. The were cardiac so price to abstain! If Arpajon opened the scoring first, Beaumont picked up quickly and took the lead in the game. As can sometimes happen, it was a day without for the Beaumont scorers and the score which was to be much more favorable to the Beaumontois remains tight, suffered an opponent in the race until the final whistle. The end of the match was looming, Beaumont then led 20 to 14, Arpajon tried everything for everything and found the fault in the Beaumont defense, 19 to 20, the striker then settled for the transformation of the win. The Cantal stands got up convinced of the victory with regard to the direction of the ball, the ball did not cross the bars and it was the Beaumont clan who exulted.

The group: Rubi, C. Manet, R. Manet, C. Forlani, Romanetto, Bosquet (cap.), Causse, Arquié, Nadal, Villadieu, Delpont, Dauch, X. Héligon, Pierresteguy, Ramond. Participated in the meeting: Rachail, De La Rosa, Ahmane, Metche, V. Butto, Krasnin Garcia.

On the side of the first team: complex afternoon for the Beaumont clan who did not manage to cross the line of their opponent despite some intrusions nearby. Faced with a fine team from Arpajon, the Beaumontois did not share the empty-handed with a 20-15 defeat but with a defensive bonus point.

Sébastien Gorry (team 1 coach): today, we couldn’t have hoped for better than the defensive bonus point, we had a very approximate first half. We were behind in everything, we lost the battle on rucks, we were behind on collisions, on support, we chased the score all game. Despite being very average, we take a defensive bonus point, we will look at everything that did not work and get back to work to prepare for the important reception this weekend to validate this first block.

On the youth side: the resumption sounded this Saturday morning with two friendly matches against Fleurance, a 25 to 3 victory for the cadets, the juniors conceded a try at the last minute and conceded the draw. The preparation continues next Saturday with two friendly matches, at 2.30 p.m. and 4 p.m.

Meals: last day to register for the meal which will precede the matches against Nègrepelisse at the clubhouse. On the menu (€25): a glass of aperitif, gourmet salad, ham with string and new potatoes, cheese, iced peach melba, wine in a pitcher and coffee included. Reservations are required by calling or texting 06 72 88 26 38.

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