Bergerac is not in the best conditions

However, no coach has yet been recruited by the club. “At this time, finding a free profile, who has the level, the human qualities and who knows the girls, is not easy. On an advanced contact, but not everything is settled, in particular financially…”, indicates Michel Cassier. Nothing will be easy for the BPPH.

Michel Cassier should logically have continued on the bench. If he is not at the rendezvous this Saturday, it is to ensure another, important one: the marriage of his son, planned for a long time. At the helm of the team will therefore be Karine Froin and Renaud Garrigue, the latter training the U17 women in the French championship this season.

A challenge

“The three of us worked together this week”, slips Michel Cassier. Positive point, because there is also the workforce. “There is a big mobilization of girls. As we felt this summer, even if the group is brand new, it is already very strong, welded, united, ”prospers the technician. A new mission presents itself.

After two cadors of the hen, the arrival of Bordes is for Bergerac the occasion to face a direct adversary. At home, we must therefore win. An unprecedented position this season. “The girls must once again prove what they are capable of, it is the challenge of this group to exist in difficulty”, loose the manager.

Difficulty, there will be, against young and catchy Béarnaises. “It’s a game with a lot of energy, of combat, of constant commitment. We will have to contain these duels, respond to this physical challenge to then develop our game,” concludes Michel Cassier.

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