between Saint-Astier/Neuvic and Vergt, a derby between friends

But the Usan does not abandon all ambition: “We want to appear well. We play without pressure, with a lot of desire. “No game is played in advance and the Union is not short of arguments. Its workforce has been reinforced in the off-season. The weak point being perhaps a certain lack of cohesion.

Houy and Thomas Dupuy have worked on the defensive sector in recent training. “We know Vergt, it goes very quickly behind, warns the technician. We worked on the defensive organization to avoid reliving what we experienced at Argentat, where we were leading by 12 points only to lose at the end of the match. »

The Usan will however remain deprived of several executives (Savy, Roubinet or Réjou), but will recover Mignaton after his suspension.


Which will not be easy to receive Vergt, the last undefeated team in the pool. The UAV concluded a formidable block there which saw it go to win the draw at Sarlat (24-24) and beat Figeac (23-18). Co-leaders with these two, the men of Labrousse and Coureau can tackle this short trip calmly.

“We knew it would be three important games. We negotiated the first two games rather well, but we will remain wary. Saint-Astier/Neuvic is a team that has already left points on the way. So, we will have to put in a good performance and adapt to the heavier ground, ”says Jean-Michel Coureau, rear line coach.

The disappointment of the end of last season is fading, but there are still games. “We will build on what has worked, but we still have things to correct. The important thing is to get up to speed. »

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